Class Living Programs

Clarity Breakthrough Session with lilian

Break your behaviouralĀ pattern of self-Sabotage & self-neglect so that you can reclaim your courage & freedom to living out your true SELF & PASSION.

Courage To Be You – Personal Coaching & Mentoring

Get unstuck from Fear, Self-doubt & self-sabotaging behavioural patterns to living a life of Purpose & Significance!

The Unconscious Cycle – How To Break Self-sabotaging Patterns

A 4-hour workshop to discover your personality types, achieve your goals and build healthy mental and emotional resilience.

Stand Out Confidently Workshop

Bring out the REAL YOU and stand firm & confidently so that your target audience will begin to know and understand you.

Courage To Be You – Brand Positioning

Increase self-awareness, become more equipped to improve and grow as a person. And learn what it is to brand yourself effectively.

Authors of Courage Coaching Program

Do you have a story of courage and transformation to tell? Learn how to effectively write your story to encourage others.