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ISBN: 978-1-77204-168-2

FREE copy of “Love Every Moment” notebook with every purchase of the book, “Women of Courage, Breaking the Fear Barrier”.

Part of the sales profit goes to the 3 artists with special needs listed below.

Thank you for your support to impact lives with the purchase of the book.

We are all on life’s journey and we all have stories and experiences that have shaped our personalities and the world around us. However, not everyone has the courage to triumph over adversity—only few have the inner strength to take negative or traumatic situations and turn them into positive, life-affirming experiences and create fulfilling lives. It is hard to imagine going from having suicidal thoughts and not being able to get out of bed, to running a successful business and helping others with self-doubt and limiting beliefs. Few of us can comprehend what it must be like to be told to terminate a pregnancy because of the implications of carrying to full term, or the courage it takes to refuse and let God decide. This is the case for Women of Courage who share their stories in this sometimes heartbreaking, yet wonderfully uplifting book about hope, faith and sheer determination.

The LOVE EVERY MOMENT notebook comes with beautiful images of the artwork created by gifted individuals with special needs. These special artists step out in faith to use their artistic gifts bestowed upon them and present to you their expression of beauty. Included in the notebook are quotes that seeks to inspire hope, joy and courage.

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