“Shop For Cause is Class Living’s e-store for selected artwork, handiwork, lifestyle and furnishing items that are handmade by or produced for our various Social Causes and to raise awareness for the artistic gifts and talents of people with special needs.
We provide a platform to showcase these unique pieces of artwork, handicraft and home furnishing pieces which are often available only in very limited quantity to our discerning clients who are looking to purchase items to furnish their homes, offices or even as a gift to their loved ones.
We know that you will enjoy browsing through our shop gallery as much as we had enjoyed selecting the items to showcase. It brings great satisfaction to us that we are able to provide unique and quality items to our clients and also be a blessing to the social causes we are supporting.”
Thank you for your support of our social cause!
If you would like to partner with us and place your artwork in our e-store for sale, please kindly drop us an email via Contact Us