22 – 24 april 2022

transform with courage bootcamp

Courage to be you. Rise above any crisis and challenges.

This is for YOU if you:

  • Want a breakthrough in your business or personal life
  • Want to break your behavioral pattern of self-sabotage & self-neglect
  • Want to stop feeling confused & overwhelmed with frustrations, fears & anxieties.
  • Want to live with confidence, purpose, freedom and happiness
  • Want to see your dreams & goals becoming a reality
  • Want to tap into your inner strength and be the best version of yourself!

YOU are your best investment

Reflections from our 2021 Bootcamp

Facilitators & Guest Speakers

Come join the first-ever all women-led 3-day Bootcamp in Singapore.

This is a 3 days, 2 nights stay-in, a full-immersion program packed with workshops, experiential activities plus post-Bootcamp small group coaching (3 sessions) & community support.

Sari Marsden

Performance & Leadership Coach
Nike Trainer


Joanne Chua, Teresa Tan, Janelle Tan
Co-Founders, Financial Coaches


Lilian Ong

Author, Speaker & Courage Coach
Founder of Class Living &
Women of Courage Asia

Carol Gockel

Author, Speaker & Confidence Coach
Community Team Leader,
Women of Courage Asia

Transform with Courage Bootcamp Synopsis & Outcomes

Day 1: Discovering You

  • Understanding The Unconscious Cycle to break self-sabotaging patterns


  • The Psychology Of How We Process Information


  • Understanding your Love Language & Personality through the Enneagram


  • Introspective Reflection: Your Life Timeline and Story
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Self-awareness is the first step to your personal growth & transformation.  

You will begin to experience breakthrough in your goals, build strong relationships and start achieving success in your dreams and passion as well as being a contributing individual making a difference in your own sphere of influence – family, community, the nation and beyond. 

Awareness of your unconscious cycle of thinking, feeling and choosing and the stories or narratives you are telling yourself will bring insights to why you are stuck in certain self-sabotaging patterns, feeling frustrated and unfulfilled in life. Know the practical strategies to break these patterns and jumpstart your journey of transformation!

Information is received through our 5 senses. Awareness of how this information processing affects the formation of your perceptions, projections and response or behaviour, will awaken and empower you with the choice to be intentional in your decision-making, interaction with others and break self-sabotaging patterns.

At the end of these sessions, you will have a deeper understanding of how you are made up, your psyche, what makes you tick.

You will discover and renew your mindsets, awaken your courage & confidence, appreciate the diversity of personality types and love languages and stir up your empathy for others, learn how you relate & connect to loved ones, coworkers and with the people in the community.

After an Introspective Reflection where you will journal down your learnings & takeaway, we will end the day with a Stretch & Relax.

Day 2: Exploring You

  • Exploring your Perspectives, Communication Style & Listening Skills through Experiential Activities

  • Creating Authentic & Powerful Presence through Somatic Awareness & Emotional Navigation with Sari Marsden

  • Uncover your beliefs and attitude towards money, your investment risk profile and potential roadblocks to financial success through a high-intensity game with PURSEspective.
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Moving forward, we will progress deeper to Exploring You through a series of experiential activities and the application of the knowledge you gained.

We will go deeper into exploring your internal and external communication. How self-awareness of your personality type, beliefs & perspectives, communication styles, listening skills and intentional choices affects and changes your actions and behaviours.

In the special segment on Creating Authentic & Powerful Presence through Somatic Awareness and Emotional Navigation by Ms Sari Marsden, we will look at your physical body as a place to create who you want to be now and in the future, rather than as a place to reflect who you have been in the past.

This session will explore the following questions: 

As a woman, what do you currently bring to your own presence and where do you limit yourself (consciously and unconsciously)? 

  • How do you hold and move your body?
  • What impact does it have on others?
  • How would you like to bring your presence to your life?
  • What values do you want to embody?
  • What is the role of the body in developing a powerful presence?

In the “Navigating Your Emotions” session, you will learn to experience emotions as they are, free from judgement, you can build clarity in your decision-making process and transform your life. What do your emotions tell you and how can you move purposefully with them?

At the end of the session, you will identify a somatic practice that can help you to develop your presence. You will learn the purpose of basic emotions, developing emotional mastery through the practice of Emotion Naming” and  Navigating Emotions through 3Rs (recognise, realign, and relaunch), breathing and body movement. 

After an Introspective Reflection where you will journal down your learnings & takeaway, we will end the day with a Stretch & Relax.

Discover your Money Habitudes

What is your dominant mindset towards managing money? Are you risk-averse or adventurous in handling financial matters? Are you good at identifying investment opportunities or do you cluelessly let opportunities slip you by? Do you have a safe environment in which you can test your theories of growing your wealth?

In this segment, we will facilitate a high-intensity game through which you will uncover your beliefs and attitude towards money, your investment risk profile and potential roadblocks to financial success.

Day 3: Courage to be You

  • Confidence & Image
  • Know your body shape
  • Brand Identity
  • Deportment & Poise
  • Etiquette in Professional & Business Setting
  • Receive your feedback
  • Goal Setting & Sustainable Action Plan
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Finally, we challenge you to take Courage To BE YOU and Stand Out Confidently!

These sessions will equip you with the following knowledge and skills.

  • Confidence in presenting yourself verbally and non-verbally.
  • Know your body shape, personal style, perception of self & self-identity.
  • Have the know-how to pick clothing pieces to suit your body shape, style and in your colours so that you will dress to suit, elevating your credibility, visibility and authority as a result.
  • You will be able to save time in getting ready, eliminating the frustration as well as hassle so that you will look presentable and feel confident.
  • Etiquette in social settings, networking, dining and using physiology, thinking, feeling and choosing to achieve the desired outcome.

“Awareness empowers you with a choice and it requires Intentional Action to see the change” 

~ Lilian Ong 

Goal Setting & Sustainable Action Plans

The saying goes, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. You will plan and structure a course of action, incorporating reflections & takeaways into short term and long-term goals, integrating them into your lifestyle with daily practice.

Consistency is the key and support is often required for sustainability which is why we provide post-Bootcamp monthly small group coaching over three months to ensure you stay focused on achieving your goals! 

What is included:


3 days, 2 nights stay at the newly refurbished Changi Cove Singapore.


All meals will be provided
(breakfast, lunch & dinner).

experiential workshops

Be engaged and learn from workshops which have been specially tailored for this bootcamp.


Support, guidance and mentorship sessions after the bootcamp to help you along.

Post-Bootcamp 3X Group Coaching & Mentoring Sessions

Women of Courage Asia Community Support

Monthly Empowerment Meetings


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Instalment plan:
$992 x 2mths

Buddy PRICE: $1,469 (2-to-Go)

instalment plan:
$763.40 X 2mths

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22 – 24 April 2022 at the

lush & tranquil
changi cove singapore

Be empowered, transformed and ignite your power of influence. Spaces are limited!


What Is This Bootcamp All About?

The first-ever stay in, full immersion transformational weekend program made for women by women. Renewal from the inside to the outside.

Why Bootcamp?

The word Bootcamp has an immediate association with military and fitness training.

A Bootcamp is a short, intensive, and rigorous course of training. Transform With Courage is an intensive course of programs developed specifically with women in mind. It is the first step to reset the mind, body and spirit so that you will be ready to move forward for the year ahead.

Why Are You Organising This Bootcamp?

All of us are suddenly thrust into a new norm due to this pandemic. We are now faced with so many challenges and uncertainties and this Bootcamp is organised to provide tools for you to overcome any situations that you are currently facing.

As women, we wear many hats and this pandemic has added stressors in the way we take on our work, relationships, health as well as our connection with our body and spirit.

There isn‘t a better time to have this specially made for women. And that is YOU.

Why Charge When Others Are Offering Free Online?

Agree, there are countless free offers around. The real question here is …

– Do all these free courses helped you?
– Did it answer all your questions?
– Have you experienced a significant change from before till now?

All of us have been there and we have similar experiences – the free courses can only take you to a distance. But it will not take you all the way to a better version of yourself. Furthermore, it’s not sustainable.

Would you, then, be willing to invest in yourself, knowing that your returns will be significant and long-lasting?

Would you put aside $4.05 a day for a year to get the results you want?

The cost of the Bootcamp at early bird price is less than $3 a day. Would you put aside $3 a day to invest in yourself and embark on a beautiful journey of transformation?

Why Should I Attend?

Be equipped with applicable tools and support to move forward in life.

Research shows that only 8% of people actually achieve their goals doing it on their own. The lack of discipline and distractions are listed as the two most common factors by those who couldn‘t achieve their goals.

This Bootcamp provides post-event support to get you past that initial hurdle. Plus a community of like-minded women who are on the same journey, to support & cheer each other on.

YOU will not be alone.

Why Can't The Bootcamp Be Done In One Day Instead of Three Days?

Our intention to have this Bootcamp over three days is because…

  • It helps you to reach your goals with more clarity
  • It helps you to be super focused on achieving the goals you have set for yourself
  • We eliminate your time to research for personal development programs by consolidating what you need most into the three days.
  • You get to maximise your time in learning and application
  • Instead of taking steps to grow, you’ll be empowered with COURAGE to take STRIDES
  • By being with a community, you’ll be assured of support and taking the journey TOGETHER

Organised by Class Living Pte Ltd and Women of Courage Asia

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