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Transform With Courage Book Pre-Order (Special Price!)

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"Courage is a choice to take intentional action, in the face of fear, to create the change you want to see”

Lilian leads by example, applying the principles and strategies from her Courage Blueprint, to build an ecosystem of community support and mentoring women to be courageous leaders who are transforming lives in their own spheres of influence!

Your life unfolds in proportion to your courage.

Discover your voice and unique story of courage and how to turn your transformation into a powerful message.

Imagine the positive impact women will create when we recognize & understand our Value, Purpose & Power of influence in leadership.

In this book, Lilian will guide you through her Courage Blueprint, packed with empowering tools, principles and strategies, to help you gain self awareness, clarity and confidence to break self-sabotaging patterns, awakening courage and ignite your power of influence in leadership.


  • Activating Your Power of Influence with Poise by Carol Gockel
  • Rise Again Like a Phoenix by Lisa Chong

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