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Class Living is a social enterprise that is passionate about empowering women to focus on their Personal Development so that they can achieve their dreams & destinies while making a positive impact in their spheres of influence.

Serving the community we love. Transforming mindsets together, today.

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Download a free chapter of our Founder, Lilian Ong’s book, Women of Courage. Uncover in these pages practical tips and insights that support you in your personal breakthrough and transformation.

Lilian Ong

Lilian’s mission is to inspire and empower women who are sick & tired of feeling stuck or paralysed in a vicious cycle of Fears & Self-doubt to BREAKTHROUGH with COURAGE.

She helps them reclaim their Self-Confidence & Identity so that they can live a courageous purpose-driven life, lead their business to a 100-fold increase, achieve financial freedom and make a positive impact in their sphere of influence.

Transform with Courage Bootcamp 2022

A customised personal development program for women by women. This is a 3 days, 3-nights stay-in, full-immersion program packed with workshops, experiential activities plus post-Bootcamp small group coaching (3 sessions) & community support.

Awakening Courage

A webinar for Female Entrepreneurs who are sick & tired of feeling stuck or paralysed in Fears & Self-doubt.

If you’ve been struggling for the longest time to have a breakthrough for your business without any success, if you want to breakthrough with the courage to lead your business to a 100 fold increase!

Let Class Living journey with you

We recognise a woman’s value and purpose by celebrating her voice, visibility and journey, turning the impossible into I’M possible.

Our behaviours are driven by our beliefs and value system. For change to take place, we must go to the root of the problem and work from there.


Hear what our clients are saying!

My 1-on-1 session with Lilian is very fruitful and Lilian is such a good mentor. Her advice and understanding were really helpful in finding the blind side that I myself wouldn’t know. I would highly recommend Lilian for a coach.

Hellen Lie

Lilian help me to uncover a side of myself that I was unaware. She used a pragmatic systematic approach towards this session. It really amazed me this session how I took so many learnings n takeaways and remove the mind blocks that I was unaware of… I m not a fan of self-help books n such but she really changed my mind!

Aggroz Chen

Lilian is a role model of a life coach and a women leader! Lilian’s coaching made a huge difference, and she helps me to dig deep inside of my mind and thoughts. I feel amazed to see my potential! Thank you Lilian!

Betty Bliss

Lilian has a big heart to help women to go from being fearful to living a life of COURAGE & SIGNIFICANCE.
She asked hard questions not to ridicule you but to draw out all your deepest thoughts and feelings so that you know how to move forward. Definitely recommend everyone to do the Clarity Breakthrough Session. You will never be the same.
Julia Chong

Her Courage Biz Network

Bringing female entrepreneurs together to bring a positive impact through our business!

Grow in leadership, learn from business mentors, collaborate through our network and community.

Lunchtime chatshow

We are LIVE every Tuesday and Thursday at 12.30 pm on Facebook and Youtube.

Listen to women from all walks of life and learn from their collective experience.

Voices of Courage Asia Podcast

Hear from our community of women from Women of Courage Asia as they share their journeys, shifts and key learnings.

Class Living Masterclasses

As women, we wear many hats and have very different needs as compared to the male gender.

At Class Living, our Masterclass videos are tailored to address specific areas that help women in their life, career and businesses.

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