The pandemic has shown that having a job isn’t secure anymore.

It is said and proven that to build long term wealth is what you do after office hours.

Are you ready to take the courageous transition?

Two days of intentional learning with after Bootcamp support and mentoring.

Set aside Uninterrupted time – 8 hours, for both days

2 days online!

23 & 24 April,

10am–6pm SGT

Who should attend

Women who is looking to convert passion into profit

Starting Your Business

Women planning to start their own business but do not know how to begin

Running Your Business

Women on their entrepreneurship journey but need a boost in the right direction

Level Up on your Business

Women already running a successful biz but feel that something is missing

Bootcamp Trainers

Identity and Mindset of a Business Leader

Lilian Ong

Courage Coach & Breakthrough Catalyst

Managing Your Finances


Teresa Tan, Janelle Tan, Joanne Chua

Build a Brand, not just a business

Karen Boey

Brand Business Partner

Personal Branding &

Carol Gockel

Confidence Coach

Sales &

Gloria Soo

Sales Coach

“Awaken the Courage of a woman, ignite her Power of Influence in Leadership.”

Lilian Ong

For the first time ever!

Our bootcamp will be privately streamed for online attendees.

All talks will be recorded and accessible to attendees after the event.

2 days online!

23 & 24 April,

10am–6pm SGT


Today is about YOU

We will connect to your core beliefs and values, assess your mindset, your current lifestyle habits and the challenges you face. How will you manage your finances as you step out on a new journey? 

Setting a Powerful Identity and Mindset of a Business Leader by Lilian Ong
  • The Courage Blueprint: 3As – Awareness, Attitude and Action
  • Clarity & Setting Goals (Vision, Mission, Purpose Statement, Core Values)
  • Self-Awareness through The Enneagram Personality Roadmap
  • Identity, Personality & Effective Leadership (Leadership Styles,, Qualities and Habits)
  • Communication & Relationship Management
  • How’s your Relationship with Time?
  • How’s your Relationship with Money?
Managing Your Finances by PURSEspective

According to a recently released report by Citi Global Perspectives & Solutions report on Women Entrepreneurs, the volume of wealth controlled by women is growing at a record pace, with entrepreneurship the key driver, rather than inheritance.  

It is estimated that women now control one-third of global wealth, and this is expected to grow to two-thirds by the next decade.

As female entrepreneurs and aspirants, how are we poised to manage the wealth that we are creating?

In this session, we will be addressing the following:

The Wealth Revolution – learning the changing face of the disruptive economy 

Renewing your PURSEpective on money and wealth – having the right money habitudes

Learn our Wealth system to protect, grow and distribute your wealth + what women entrepreneurs need to know about succession planning

Building Your Brand Personality by Karen Boey

How would you describe your company’s brand if someone asked you? Many small businesses have never thought about answering that question.

Branding isn’t just for big businesses, but for every company. Brands are the emotions people feel when they think of your business.

Define your vision and mission

Define your brand personality

Use your brand personality to create a consistent brand identity 


Communicate & Sell

Let’s have fun as you experiment, explore and understand your communication style. Learn to create a structured sales and business plan that will help you reach your goals faster and effectively.

Personal Branding & Communications by Carol Gockel

Raise: Increase your visibility

  • Know your personal identity
  • The psychology of colours and its influence
  • Discover your style personality
  • Identify ideal clothing, collar and necklines
  • Building a workable capsule wardrobe
  • Ideal accessories for your style and facial shape.

Influence: Communicate & Connect

  • Understand body language to expand your presence.
  • Colour strategies to look your best, impress, express and influence
  • Connecting with others
  • Elevate your brand story
  • What, when and how to say it
Sales & Marketing by Gloria Soo
  • Enhancing Social Media Presence to garner leads
  • Identifying Sales Leads
  • Nurturing Sales Leads – Rapport Building
  • Closing The Deals – Objections Handling
  • Negotiation Skills
  • The Sales Copywriting
  • Why the needs to upsell & cross-sell
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